Prisoners of Liberation

In 1951, Allyn Rickett was an American student in revolutionary China. He was also a spy. Along with his wife Adele, he was arrested and spent four years in a Chinese prison undergoing a process of criticism and self-criticism. Gradually, he came to realize that what he did was spying, and that it was hurting the Chinese people.

After their return to the United States, Allyn and Adele wrote Prisoners of Liberation about their experience of “thought reform” as prisoners in China.

In 1995, MIM and 14 other organizations brought Allyn Rickett to the University of Massachusetts for the first Prison Awareness Week. He spoke on his experience in revolutionary China where the government used study, self-criticism and labor to rehabilitate its enemies. After his lecture, this interview was conducted by the Undercurrents Program on WMUA 91.1FM.

Allyn Rickett Interview — Part 1

Allyn Rickett Interview — Part 2

from the online archive of the defunct Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)